Former Leechburg Area School Board Member Returns as New District Business Director

Leechburg-area school district officials have hired a familiar face as the new business manager.

Teresa Edinger, a 1987 graduate and former school board member, was unanimously approved as the best financial administrator on December 8.

Edinger lives in the district. She received an associate’s degree in computerized accounting from the Monroeville School of Business in 1988 and has since held a number of administrative positions in the public and private sectors.

“I love the neighborhood,” Edinger said. “My heart is there. Everyone knows everyone, and everyone tries to help each other and comes together as a community. I grew up here and never left.

Edinger was appointed to the school board in January and served until November. She did not run in this year’s election to retain her seat.

“I think she will be excellent,” said school board president Neill Brady. “As a member of the school board, she knows what to do. She has experience in Leechburg and she has experience in the Kiski area school district which is a larger school.

Edinger’s professional experience in schools in Leechburg dates back to January 2010, when she became head of the business office. In August 2016, she moved to Kiski Area to take on the role of Assistant Business Manager and Payroll Specialist.

Edinger, 52, said she informed Kiski officials of her imminent return to her alma mater.

“I will miss everyone there,” she said. “I learned a lot. My plan was to come here and retire from the district. I still have about 12 to 13 years left.

Superintendent Tiffany Nix said Edinger was selected from 10 applicants.

“I’m really excited,” Nix said of the rental. “I have known Teresa as a professional and then as a board member for six years. He is a competent and diligent person. I am quite confident in his ability to take over our business office. I have the utmost respect for her and look forward to leading this district with her by my side.

The district had been looking for a new business manager since April, when it appointed Dale Kirsch as interim director.

Kirsch served as the Indiana area school district superintendent for almost 10 years and served as its business manager for more than three years previously.

He succeeded Deana Turner, who left to become Business Administrator / Secretary of the Apollo-Ridge School District Board of Directors.

Turner was hired in September 2020 after Bradley Walker’s departure. Walker worked in the district for four years.

Kirsch plans to stay and help with Edinger’s transition. She should get to work in January.

However, no official start date has been announced. His starting salary is $ 85,000.

“We’ve had a lot of business leaders and a lot of turnover in this role,” said Anthony Shea, vice chairman of the board. “We’re just looking for Teresa to give us that consistency for the long haul.”

Shea also praised Edinger’s experience both in the district and elsewhere.

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