Do you have the laughs? Lucky family will do it when they adopt this cranky looking cat

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Literally, that grumpy-looking cat name is “Giggles”. And despite his perceived irritation, he’s actually super sweet and affectionate.

Because given how little we know about his past, Giggles purred again throughout this mini photoshoot.

The gruff-looking tabby was found roaming the streets of Akron, Ohio. Fortunately, he was brought to the caring people of Riggi Rescue, a local non-profit organization. And he was NOT in shape when he was discovered by their social media post.

Giggles wandered the streets for a while before being picked up by a Good Samaritan and brought to us. He had a lot of ticks, was not neutered, and had a bite on his neck from a cat fight. He is just one of many who need our help!

Help him, they did. It doesn’t matter what his facial expressions may say.

Laughter can’t help it, because it’s his normal face.

And that is ADORABLE!

The rescue is based on a foster family and whoever is greeted by this mug each morning is a lucky soul.

Giggles has been vaccinated, fiv / feLv neg, spayed, tick removed and treated for fleas. There is a possibility of a house, but nothing confirmed yet. He’s the SWEETEST BOY! WE LIKE IT! Here are some laughing smiles for you ??

They noted that they are very strict about their adoption process. So it won’t be a “come in, pick a cat and go” situation. And with the attention his distant face receives, a forever home won’t be a problem for him.

Apparently he also gets along with other cats and even dogs! The poor boy may have spent his whole life without friends just because he has a “relaxed face.”

But here’s something we ALL can smile about!

Giggles already has a potential home. And for some reason, if that fails, there are more than enough new fans of his own who will come forward. We can’t wait to see how his happy tail ends!

NOTE: Giggles isn’t crazy, it’s his permanent face, he was very happy in these photos. He has a potential house, but not confirmed.

All photos: Facebook @riggirescue


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