Danville’s new independent schools superintendent seeks to inspire students

DANVILLE, Ky. (LEX 18) – Dr. Greg Ross is the new Superintendent of Danville Independent Schools. He says Danville is a town of firsts and he is the school district‘s first black superintendent. He says it’s not just his running that allows him to bring a dynamic perspective to the table.

“So it’s not just that I’m an African American, I’m an African American who understands wrestling. And because that’s my story, and I’m grateful for my story, it allows me to understand what that a lot of kids are going through, so hopefully when they see me, they can see themselves,” says Dr. Ross.

Dr. Greg Ross

Dr. Ross was director of the Millcreek Leadership Academy in Lexington and director of teacher effectiveness and leadership at the Kentucky Department of Education. In addition to his experience in education, he also brings a plus unique experience at the table – with his background in law enforcement at the Paducah Police Department.

“I was a patrolman and I was blessed to be able to work across the division, you know, and help with everything from drug enforcement to policing, and you know, across the department. “, he says.


Dr. Greg Ross

With so much violence in the media, he says he’s glad to have the unique experience he’s having. Dr. Ross told me about other roles he had at Lowe’s and Walmart. His point was that he wants students to know that there is something to learn from every job you have. A district superintendent talks about the importance of students having role models from a variety of backgrounds.

Ron Ballard, Director of Academic Staff and Student Support at Danville, said: “It allows them to see that they can achieve anything they want and to see people like them or hear stories of people. who come from where they come from, I think it’s very impactful.”


Dr. Greg Ross

Of all the work and law enforcement experience Dr. Ross brings to the role, he says it’s his experience with people that he thinks will be among the most valuable.

“Being able to hear them where they are and letting them feel heard and valued — and hopefully that’s something I can pass on to Danville,” says Dr. Ross.

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