Dallas police release body camera footage after recent death of man in custody

A man who lost consciousness while in police custody last month died days later, Dallas police said.

Authorities announced André Leshon Lee’s death on Sunday as they released body camera footage of his arrest.

Police said Lee broke into a house in Pleasant Grove on August 28, threatened the owner and barricaded himself in a room.

Body camera footage shows officers trying to persuade Lee to leave the room. After a few minutes, he leaves and is handcuffed and taken outside, where he loses consciousness. A woman who identified as his wife told officers at the scene that Lee was under the influence of cocaine.

Lee was taken to hospital, where he died on September 2. The authorities are awaiting a toxicological report.

The police department’s special investigations unit and the Dallas County district attorney’s office are investigating, Deputy Chief Reuben Ramirez said.

The body camera images were released on Sunday as part of a new department policy implemented after recent nationwide protests against police misconduct.

In general, the police – by law – can refuse to release any information, including a video, of an ongoing investigation. But the law does not prohibit them from disclosing the information.

The police department had pledged to implement a policy by the end of June on the release of videos of its most serious encounters.

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