CUSD recognizes Classified Employees of the Year

Source: Coronado Unified School District

Coronado Unified School District team members Laura Orozco, Terri Freepartner, Kimberley Junk, Ruben Sanchez and Kathy Wood (not pictured) received the Classified Employee of the Year awards at the reunion of the Board of Directors on March 10.

Coronado Unified School District annually recognizes five outstanding classified employees representing the four school sites and the district office. The 2022 winners were nominated by their colleagues and recognized at the March 10 board meeting.

“It is an honor to recognize the contributions of our Classified employees. These winners truly demonstrate hard work and service with compassion, empathy and humility,” said Human Resources Director Armando Farias.

The five winners of the CUSD:

Laura Orozco, CHS

Coronado High School Health Technician Laura Orozco has been named the 2022 CHS Classified Employee of the Year. Laura has worked in the district since 2006 as a PHE aide and became a full-time health technician at the CHS in 2009. The pandemic has placed an additional burden on the district health care team and Laura has responded by going beyond, taking up the challenge. with grace and energy.

Laura’s extra work during the pandemic has inspired her colleagues. “She worked from home making evening and weekend calls. She has been on the front line for our 1100 students,” said Joy Howard. “Laura makes sure every student who comes through her health unit feels special and heard. She is always willing to go above and beyond to call a parent, involve a counselor or speak with the administrator to ensure her students’ needs are met,” added Rhonda Gearhart.

Ruben Sanchez, CMS

Coronado Middle School caretaker Ruben Sanchez has been selected as the 2022 CMS Classified Employee of the Year. Ruben has worked in the district since 2019. The pandemic has added an additional burden to the district’s caretaking team, with disinfection and sanitation measures required several times during the day. His CMS colleagues note that in addition to keeping the campus clean and safe, Ruben sets the tone on campus with his can-do attitude, greeting staff and students every morning.

“Ruben has a great attitude, is dependable and an integral part of the CMS family. We realized as soon as he started what a gem he was, and we are very grateful to have him at CMS. He is an outstanding example to our students and staff and embodies Triton 3: to take ownership, act with integrity and demonstrate respect in all that he does,” said Principal Brooke Falar. Colleague Allyson Heyen added that in addition to Ruben’s tireless work ethic and infectious smile, he “always goes above and beyond, asking if there are any additional projects he can participate in in the classrooms. “.

Kathy Wood, Village Primary School

Village Primary School Health Technician Kathy Wood has been selected as the 2022 VES Rated Employee of the Year. She has worked in the district since 2014 and has unique relationships with students and colleagues on a personal level. and professional.

“Nurse Kathy reads constantly, keeps up to date with our ever-changing health news, shares critical information with administration and faculty. These last two years have been particularly difficult for her and the health team, and her leadership has been a beacon for all of us at the Village,” said Kathleen Spane. “This award is so well deserved, ‘Nurse Kathy’ is always there for her students, showing kindness and compassion,” added Principal Heidi Bergener.

Kimberley Junk, Silver Strand Elementary

Kimberley Junk, Administrative Assistant/Registrar at Silver Strand Elementary School, has been named the 2022 SSES Classified Employee of the Year. as a beloved substitute in all school sites. Her gracious welcome is the hallmark of anyone entering the Silver Strand School office.

SSES Director Jenny Moore said, “She offers personalized tours for all new students and their families, newly hired crew members, volunteers and replacements… so that everyone on campus feel welcome. His colleague Erica DeGroat added that Junk “helps by providing support to all staff and stands up to help when needed!” She really wears so many hats and Strand would be lost without her!

Terri FreePartner, District Office and CUSD

Human Resources Administrative Assistant Terri Freepartner was named the 2022 District Office Employee of the Year as well as the Classified Employee of the Year for CUSD. Terri has worked in the District since 2015. She is a constant and knowledgeable hand in helping employees, co-workers, families and administrators navigate all aspects of human resources, from employment to benefits. Human Resources Director Armando Farias said of Terri: “I have witnessed how she supports everyone who calls or comes into her office. Especially over the past two years during Covid, employees are often worried or overwhelmed when they walk in. People can cry in her office, and Terri is always calm and compassionate. She is a real listener. Terry leads from the heart. This recognition is a celebration of Terri and a thank you for having so much given to all of us.

“On behalf of the district and the governing board, I would like to thank everyone on our ranked team. They are the glue of our district, the faces of our school sites, they keep us clean, safe and healthy, and create the conditions for our students to succeed,” Superintendent Mueller said.

Source: Coronado Unified School District

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