Criminal charges have yet to be laid in potential Huntsville School District sexual harassment or abuse case

HUNTSVILLE, Ark. (KNWA / KFTA) – Some parents in Huntsville have said their children have been sexually harassed or assaulted. At the time of this publication, no criminal charges have been filed, but parents have indicated that they will bring the charges if the school district does not deal with the situation in the way they believed best.

Title IX documents showed that a Huntsville student was initially expelled for a year. This sentence has been reduced to a single semester. The documents say he put his genitals in the mouths of other students while they were held down. Basketball players called this act “baptizing”.

“They put private parts on their faces and bare assholes on their noses,” said one parent.

Matt Durrett is the general counsel for Washington County, who also handles Madison County criminal matters. He said no one has yet filed a criminal complaint, but teachers and school officials are required to call the DHS child abuse helpline.

“Such people are required by law,” said Durrett. “You have an obligation to report this to the hotline. “

The parents said DHS had been contacted but the group did not find the incident of a “sexual nature.” DHS declined to comment on Friday, saying “Any report to the child abuse hotline is confidential by law and we cannot confirm or deny whether a report has been called into the hotline.”

Durrett said the DHS process does not always produce criminal charges.

“Not all phone calls to the hotline are going to open an investigation,” Durrett said. “Many calls to the hotline do not meet the investigation criteria.

Durrett said it could turn into a criminal case later, and that’s when his office would step in.

“To my knowledge, we haven’t started yet,” said Durrett. “I’m saying this because we haven’t gotten it yet.”

Another parent said he would bring criminal charges if the school did not treat the punishment more seriously.

“I’m going to file a complaint against the school district and against this family,” the parent said.

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