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As the Warren County School District prepares to unload materials at an auction to be held at the former Pleasant Township Elementary School, it asks about the building itself.

The district will hold a public auction at 10 a.m. on Saturday, Oct. 1 at the McKinley Avenue school building that has been used for storage for years.

Vehicles will be available including a 2005 dump truck with plow, a 2006 light pickup truck, a 1999 box truck and a tractor; certain technologies, including 75-inch SmartTouch TVs, projectors; and others like car lift, air compressors and school furniture.

On Monday, Superintendent Amy Stewart advised the Physical Facilities and Facilities Committee that there had been questions about the Pleasant School building.

“We recently received two inquiries about Pleasant,” said Stewart. “The inquiries were about storage – a place to store equipment and materials.”

The neighborhood has failed to sell property in the past, at least in part due to its residential zoning.

Stewart said the district could check for possible zoning exceptions. “The climate of the county can be different”, she says. “Maybe we can have this conversation again.”

The district is still working through the sale of the former Sheffield Primary School property.

An offer of $20,000 was made by Taylor Diversion Program of Tionesta. This offer was accepted by the Board of Directors at the August meeting.


The pandemic has reinforced the importance for students to have internet access at home. The district may send surveys to residents in various areas of the county regarding their access to Internet service.

While broadband initiative dollars help expand high-speed Internet access, geography is proving to play a major role in cost.

“Not all kilometers are equal” said Stewart. “When you see them spending millions of dollars…they think they’re going very far. Not in our geography. The price per kilometer of fiber… it’s quite expensive.

The district needs information from users of these kilometers to include in grant applications.

“We need to publish another survey”, she says.

It is difficult to formulate the survey exactly. The district needs specific information – not “we have service, but it’s terrible,” she says.

In addition to the difficulty of installing fiber in rural areas which is holding back progress, broadband initiatives are complex and relatively new.

The district was one of a relatively small number that applied for federal funds to help with broadband. Grant dollars for hardware and software were relatively easy to calculate. “A lot of people bought…stuff,” said Stewart. “We bought stuff and wrote for broadband. Only a handful of districts wrote for it.

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