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The new Lone Oak Middle School building which opened on October 26 is a sight to see, but there are several other construction projects on the McCracken County School District’s to-do list this year.

The projects on the list primarily involve work on heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems – known as HVAC systems – at several schools.

• Heath Middle School Gymnasium: HVAC improvements.

• Heath Middle School Auditorium: HVAC upgrades.

• Reidland Elementary Gymnasium: HVAC upgrades.

• Former Lone Oak Middle School Building: Renovated to better accommodate Lone Oak Middle School students. The building was originally Lone Oak High School.

MCSD Facilities Director Todd Jackson has been busy for the past two academic years – first with the construction of the new Lone Oak Middle School building on Bleich Street, and now with these other construction projects in the district.

“The Heath Middle School gymnasium is all hot; there’s no air conditioning, ”Jackson said. “There are six water heaters in the corner in the middle of the gym, so it’s radiant type heat.

“Reidland Middle School is the same way: they only have heat. They never had air conditioning.

The HMS auditorium also only has heat, but air conditioning will be added to it.

Students at Lone Oak Intermediate School – Grades 4 and 5 – will eventually move into the old Lone Oak Middle School building, which was originally Lone Oak High School. There are therefore several renovations to be done so that it is more for this age group than for teenagers.

“Part of the work we do is renovating the bathrooms,” Jackson said. “Because the heights of sinks, toilets, urinals – all this has to be adjusted for the little ones.

“We are going to install LED lighting throughout the building and update the heating and air conditioning system in this building. Intercoms, fire alarms too, and there will be more electrical work and various plumbing work. The gymnasium will be the subject of work to better accommodate fourth and fifth grade students for an area (physical education) instead of a high school gymnasium.

Jackson said the old LOMS gymnasium also only has heating, but central heating and air will be installed there.

Jackson said Building E attached to the old college building by a canopy and the old weight room will be demolished.

“This area and a little further into the parking lot will be fenced off and it will become the playground for the fourth and fifth graders,” he said.

The long-term plan for the current Lone Oak Intermediate School building is to move the district offices from their current location to Reidland Middle School. Jackson said there shouldn’t be a lot of renovations to be done in anticipation of this.

Tenders for gymnasium projects will be launched soon, with tenders for the renovation of the old LOMS building coming later.

“We hope to present the results of the offer to the board (for the gym projects) at the January board meeting,” Jackson said. “These projects will be carried out over the summer.

“Our goal will be to complete the gym projects when we start school in August.”

Work that began last year has progressed towards the installation of a new cooling tower at Hendron-Lone Oak Elementary School and a cooler at Reidland Middle School, both improving HVAC systems. of these schools.

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