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Above: Erin Maidl, office manager, and CJ Johnson, owner of Cutting Edge Fitness at Fairmont. The fitness center offers free memberships to Martin County students and families.

FAIRMONT– In an effort to meet community needs, Cutting Edge Fitness in Fairmont is offering free memberships to students and families in Martin County. The fitness center first offered this in 2019 and now the program is back after missing a year due to Covid.

“The first year we filled it with 25”, said office manager Erin Maidl.

This time around, they started offering the free subscriptions at the start of the school year, as they work closely with school counselors to determine which students and families need them.

Maidl said not all scholarships have been booked yet. If 2019 students or families fully use their membership, she said they’re offered one again. Memberships are granted to individuals or one per family, as needed.

CJ Johnson, owner of Cutting Edge, explained that they first offered the program after attending a community meeting about the Fairmont area community center project.

“Their main point was that they wanted to provide things in Martin County for financially challenged families and there was just nothing about gym memberships or anything like that.”

Johnson said they decided to take the initiative to offer the memberships in conjunction with Fairmont Community Education and Recreation.

“I think it helps promote a healthy lifestyle. Many of these families don’t have much, so for them to be able to take advantage of what we have to offer is hugely beneficial, especially for young people,” says Johnson.

Maidl said it was also nice to see parents come with their kids and do something with them that doesn’t cost money.

“It’s especially good during the winter months,” Johnson added.

Free memberships aren’t the only thing Cutting Edge offers the community. Johnson said this week they’ve secured a new golf performance program through Titleist.

“I’ve spent the last six months getting their level two certification. It’s a golf fitness program that works on body mechanics through an individual’s swing,” Johnson explained.

Cutting Edge is also in the process of launching a renovation. It will receive a new basketball court, new artificial turf and a renovation of the rest of the gymnasium.

The new additions come after a long time of Cutting Edge and all the other gyms, dealing with covid protocols. Johnson said they are now back to normal operations.

Other Cutting Edge offerings include Silver Sneakers, yoga classes, high-intensity group fitness classes, personal training, sport-specific training, and team training. They also offer a full line of nutritional supplements.

Johnson is in his 10th year of owning Cutting Edge, which was previously MC Fitness. He said that as a company, they strive to provide a healthy lifestyle not only for individuals, but also for families, as well as specialized training for athletes and individuals in the general population.

Anyone interested in free membership can contact their school district office.

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