Community rallies in unity after racial slur incident at Maryland school

MIDDLETOWN, Md. (WDVM) – Parents, teachers and leaders came together Friday morning in a rally in support of students in the Middletown community in Frederick County, Maryland.

Dozens of people have rallied to oppose racism and violence after three students were accused of posting photos on social media posing with guns and threatening to kill black students.

What began as a divisive situation brings the Middletown community together. The college’s Parent-Teacher-Student Association (PTSA) said Friday’s rally was meant to change the narrative.

“As a mom and us, it was very painful, very painful. And you know, in my heart goes out, especially to our African American children,” said Yanita Gordon, who is the parent of a student from 8th at Middletown Middle School and president of the PTSA.

“We don’t hate these boys. We hate what they did. We hate these images. We hate those words. But they’re our kids for…that the hardest part is like, you know, when your kids push you away and do these things, you have to love them harder,” Gordon said.

“We want to recapture the image of our town to show Frederick County and the Greater Washington D.C. area that the image (which) is shown and the words used are not Middletown. They don’t represent Middletown, and that’s not who we are,” Gordon added.

She says the intention was also to show that they are united. She says change also starts at home.

“As a community and as families, that’s it, it’s the mundane everyday really that kind of genre, I think the roots grow from there with our relationship with our children. Get involved with them As adults and parents, we need to present ourselves as better communicators and unifiers not dividers,” Gordon said.

Frederick County Police said the investigation is still ongoing. The college plans to fix their consequences for the students once the investigation is complete.

One of the three students is even facing a firearms charge for holding a real firearm in one of the photos.

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