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Join host Dominick Bonny this week as he reflects on some of the worst behaviors we’ve seen from candidates running for the Wenatchee School Board this election season. Next, we’ll head to East Wenatchee to meet Salvador Tovar, owner of Tacos Chavas, and take a look at this new family business located in the old location of Shari – El Cantarito.

Common Sense with Dominick Bonny – El Cantarito Transcription

Part one

Hello and welcome to Common Sense, I am Dominick Bonny and today we are going to be in East Wenatchee and meet Salvador Tovar, owner of local favorite Tacos Chava, and experience the new adventure of the Tovar family small business – El Cantarito. This is the new place in Shari’s old location on Valley Mall Parkway and they have redone the place from top to bottom with interesting and authentic decor based on Lotería, which is a traditional Mexican game of chance, similar to bingo , but using pictures on cards instead of numbered balls. They also have a unique handcrafted cocktail menu, make handmade tortillas right next to the salsa bar, and have authentic Mexican fare that you might not find anywhere else in the Wenatchee Valley. But first, I have to make a final point about the behavior of three of the candidates vying to take control of the Wenatchee School Board, Katherine Thomas, Julie Norton and Matt Van Bogart. You may remember their behavior at the August 24 Wenatchee School Board meeting, where Norton helped lead a mob of emotional and angry anti-mask activists so they could “do hear their voices ”by refusing to follow the rules and disrupt a public meeting. When the meeting got tense and a few people in the crowd got a little threatening, board chair Laura Jaecks said if people did not follow the rules of the meeting it would be postponed. and online recovery. It was then that Van Bogart intervened and threatened the board of directors saying “if you do this there will be ten times as many people at the next meeting”. He and Katherine Thomas refused to hide, having been invited several times to follow the rules by members of the district staff. I did an entire episode on this fiasco, and I know there were a lot of reasonable people in the Wenatchee community who were concerned about this behavior. So one would think that a little negative PR could make these candidates be more cautious for the remainder of the campaign, but that doesn’t appear to be the case.

On Friday, October 15, representatives from the three campaigns of the GOP-backed candidates broke state election law by campaigning on school district property as people lined up to enter the Apple Bowl for the Wenatchee High School football game. I spoke to Diana Haglund, Director of Communications for the Wenatchee School District, about the incident and she confirmed it was people from Norton, Thomas and Van Bogart. Quote: “The district has been informed that there are school board campaigning activities taking place at the entrance to the Apple Bowl during the Friday October 15 soccer game. to help the campaign of a candidate or to support or oppose any election measure. Public facilities in the district include the Apple Bowl. RCW 42.17A.555 also states that “no local office or body may authorize the use of public facilities for the purpose of assisting a candidate’s campaign. . . The district has been in contact with all candidates for school board positions to inform them of these rules and to provide them with a copy of the Public Disclosure Commission information brochure titled “Guidelines for School Districts in Election Campaigns. .

But this is not the first time that the district informs Van Bogart that he broke the rules. They even removed one of his signs that had been placed on the WAY School District property in July. Here is what Haglund told me about it: “On July 25, the district was informed that a campaign sign was posted on district property near the intersection of Methow and Crawford Street in Wenatchee. After investigation, the District has determined that the sign belonged to Van Bogart. The district has contacted Mr Van Bogard and informed that the panel had been removed and he could recover to the district office. quotation mark

Haglund said Van Bogart had not recovered his sign.

It is quite clear from his behavior throughout the campaign that Van Bogart does not believe that any of the norms, rules or even laws that govern the way politics have generally been conducted in our community apply to him. But what about the other two candidates backed by the GOP? In fact, I reached out to them all to get their feedback on the matter. At the time of this recording, only Julie Norton answered me. When asked if she knew the law and was at the Apple Bowl campaigning herself, or if she knew that people were campaigning on public property in violation of state law and the district policy. She wrote in a quote by email: “I know the law and district policy reference. I was not at the game Friday and I can not say who was there or what happened. My campaign team held a separate meeting at my house during this time. However, members of my campaign team have been made aware of these requirements. »Quote

As I said, Van Bogart and Thomas did not return to me to explain. But that’s a message in itself, isn’t it? One piece of advice I would give Van Bogart if he wins a seat on the Wenatchee board is to remember that all of our schools in Wenatchee are gun-free zones, just like a Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, which is a place he was arrested for taking a gun in 2019. He says he forgot it was in the bag he put in the x-ray machine, and maybe he simply forgot that he carried a gun in an airport, whatever the excuse. in his bag and he was arrested for a “weapon in some places” according to the arrest report of the police department of the port of Seattle. The case was closed a year later. From what I understand from sources in the law enforcement community, these types of cases are rarely prosecuted.

But how do I know that Van Bogart, Thomas and Norton are supported by the Republican Party at the national and local level? Well, they’ve all been rehearsing the talking points of the right-wing AstroTurf in an attempt to instill fear in their supporters about Critical Race Theory and Comprehensive Sexuality Education for months on end, which has me gave a hint. But it was the Chelan County GOP itself that confirmed this when it sent a letter telling people to vote for all three in the school board election! The political club also issued reminders on her Facebook page throughout the summer. But maybe you haven’t seen any of those smoking guns. What you probably have seen though is this pamphlet paid by the Republican Party of Washington State that hit local mailboxes last week. It’s here. So not only is the GOP local throwing its weight behind Norton, Thomas and Van Bogart, but the state-level bigwigs are even throwing money at the Wenatchee school board election. This seems to be a desperate and brutal game, but I guess we’ll see if it works for them. If you are a voter Wenatchee and you have not voted, please do. Ballots are due by November 2nd and there is a lot going on in these school board races. Believe me when I tell you I really didn’t want to keep talking about that garbage can fire that was Wenatchee School Board errands, but the shenanigans of Thomas, Norton and especially Van Bogart keep coming. Only Pacino in The Godfather III understands what I’m going through.

Pacino clip

Now let’s head to El Cantarito and discover the family business Tovar!

Interview segment I

Stay tuned for more after the break.


Welcome back, back to my interviews in El Cantarito East Wenatchee.

Interview segment II

For most of us born and raised in the United States who have never traveled overseas or even been to Canada and Mexico, it’s easy to think that all Mexican food is the same. It is not, and I hope this showcase of this company and this family highlights that fact. I also hope this feature shows you how hardworking and dedicated Don Chava and his entire team are. You heard him at the end apologize for something he doesn’t have much control over – staff shortages and a lack of staff. The big resignation, as some economists are calling it, is hitting the restaurant and retail industries hard, and small businesses are being tested and expanded in new and different ways at every turn in this seemingly endless saga. It’s a much worse ordeal because we’ve had the tools to put it behind us for about a year now, but because of some of the most obsessive and willfully misinformed people in our society continue to refuse to do the bare minimum to protecting others, we continue to exist in this stressful limbo state. Now, I know I use swear words on my show every now and then, and you might not hear the word “obsessive” much in everyday conversation. So here are some synonyms: jarring, noisy, shrill, harsh, unwarranted, unwarranted, excessive, illegal, extreme, inappropriate, unjustifiable, inadmissible and senseless. I would like to officially name “obsessive” as the Merriam-Webster dictionary word of the year for 202. This perfectly sums up the behavior we’ve seen from school board candidates, anti-vaxxers, internet trolls, and campaigners. straight for over a year. now.

Join me next time for an interview with a man who thought he was healthy enough not to need the Covid-19 vaccine, then got Covid, and now wants people to reconsider their hesitation and skepticism facing vaccination. It’s next time on Common Sense.

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