Cleveland charter school principal fired after teachers and parents take a stand

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) — There is a change in leadership at a Cleveland charter school after teachers called in sick Oct. 26, forcing classes to be canceled.

But, those teachers were present and represented, along with a number of parents at Wednesday night’s school board meeting, determined to send a message to the school board that oversees Lakeshore Intergenerational School on Marcella Road in Cleveland.

At the meeting, parents and teachers held up signs reading “Save our school now”, “Our children matter” and “We support our teachers”.

Their mission was to send a message that school principal Beth Hampton has become a distraction and source of chaos for teachers and students.

Robin Craig, who has two children at school, said ‘lessons were canceled today because there was a massive call with the teachers. The teachers were tired, they were fed up, they had had enough.

Craig and others felt that the charter school’s learning environment was suffering because of the problems with that school’s principal.

“It was total chaos. The kids, there were fights and fights every day. There was no communication with the parents about what was going on with the school,” Craig said.

But, in a surprise move, the intergenerational school’s board of trustees took action shortly before the meeting and removed Principal Hampton from her post.

It’s technically a staffing issue, so they told the band they couldn’t say more about it.

School board president Lynne Carpenter said superintendent Brooke King will become the school’s acting principal while they search for a replacement.

“We hear you. We need a rest. Suffice it to say, school was not going in the right direction and I think a lot of you shared that with us,” Carpenter told those who gathered at the meeting.

However, parents and others had one major question: what happens tomorrow at school?

Acting Principal King said she expects children and teachers to be back in the classroom, and she hopes the change helps everyone get back on track.

“I would say our work tomorrow is a continuation to get everyone rowing in the same direction,” King said.

Beth Hampton, who was removed from her position as principal of the school, was not at the council meeting.

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