Candidate says Montgomery School Board is not viewed positively | Education

Myers said she, like many others, was not a personal fan of wearing a mask, but wore one whenever needed. Since the onset of the delta variant and the surge in cases that followed, she said she wore a mask in all major public places she visited.

Myers said she was unsure whether masked children in schools should be left to parents’ choice amid the recent surge in COVID-19 cases. She said, however, that several school board members the night they voted on hiding indoors didn’t seem to really take the parents’ point of view at the time, many of whom she said were calling for a parental choice on the issue.

“This is not how it was voted,” she said, referring to the narrow 4-3 vote which approved an inside masking requirement. “It seems we don’t listen to the people who come and talk.”

Myers continued, “You have to admit it. It’s not just about wearing a mask. It’s also about the hardships we cause teachers and students.

Although the school board approved the masking requirement, that decision may have ultimately been a moot point, as state officials later announced that Virginia law does require masking inside the school. schools. The Montgomery County School Board has not since revisited the masking issue.

Many parents at this widely divided August meeting argued for parent choice, but several against masking in schools also voiced the claim that masks are completely ineffective. Many medical experts, including those in Montgomery County, said the masks offered defense against the spread of the virus.

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