Bridgewater has high hopes for the Panthers

CHARLOTTE, NC – Normally, a free agent signing the caliber of quarterback Teddy Bridgewater would have warranted a big press conference with a jersey presentation and photoshoot.

But times are different – and so is the introduction of Bridgewater.

“Hey guys first, I just want to say thank you to the Carolina Panthers,” Bridgewater said Thursday.

On Thursday, we caught up with Bridgewater via Zoom – an increasingly popular web meeting tool. The image is not perfect for Teddy, but the image of who he is has become clear.

“I was able to learn and grow from all the adversity that I have been through,” he said.

Bridgewater was a promising rookie for the Minnesota Vikings 6 years ago, making the Pro Bowl in 2015. But a devastating knee injury derailed his career, before landing in New Orleans and going 5-0 in the absence of Drew Brees last season. He’s a solid quarterback. Many wonder whether or not the 27-year-old can return to his previous path to stardom.

“I am extremely confident,” he said. “I actually feel like I’m better than I was a few years ago.”

“I think the connection (of offensive coordinator) Joe Brady is extremely important,” said Charles Robinson, senior NFL editor at Yahoo. “I think having that confidence from Joe Brady was key to signing Teddy Bridgewater.”

He also mentions the breach of the Bridgewater deal – three years, flexible after two.

Teddy has the opportunity to prove himself over the next two seasons, “said Robinson.” Show what he’s got and convince the Carolina Panthers he’s the guy for the next decade and not just the next few seasons. “

In terms of guys from the last decade? Cam Newton? He and Teddy go back a long way, Bridgewater calling him “one of the best men in the NFL.”

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