Blacksburg High School responds to alleged hit list

BLACKSBURG, SC (WSPA) — Blacksburg High School has responded to concerns about an alleged hit list.

Previously, parents of students at Blacksburg High School said they were furious after an alleged hit list incident was dealt with by administrators.

7NEWS spoke to parents who learned about the blacklist ahead of the weekend. A parent said his student showed them the alleged hit list on Snapchat on January 28.

“I picked up my son from school and when I did it was one of the first things he said to me as he got in the car…”

Blacksburg High School Parent

One parent said they were first scared and then angry because neither parent was notified.

“They don’t protect our children, they don’t protect our children.”

Blacksburg High School Parent

Another parent said that if it wasn’t for social media, some parents might still not know. They said the only way anyone knew was through a Facebook post. “The post went out and then other people started adding to it…”

The parents said they were frustrated that it appeared to have been swept under the rug, but said something like this should be taken very seriously.

“My child’s life is in your hands when I send him to school every day. I expect them to be protected. “

Blacksburg High School Parent

Blacksburg High School posted the following statement on its Facebook page.

“On Friday, the school administration received information about a possible threat. Our administration investigated the threat thoroughly and quickly. The investigation found no evidence of a list or plan to harm a student. The situation was handled in accordance with district policies. Rest assured that your child is safe and well cared for at BHS.

Blacksburg High School

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