Bay Area school districts warn parents of viral ‘One Chip Challenge’ after students fall ill – NBC Bay Area

From vomiting to profuse sweating, some Bay Area kids who try the viral “One Chip Challenge” are getting sick.

Since 2016, Paqui chipmakers have been encouraging people to take the social media challenge.

The challenge is to eat one of their pepper chips sold in individual coffin-shaped packages and see how long people can hold out before asking for relief.

The Texas-based company asked participants to share their experience online, and thousands of users have posted videos on social media, including TikTok, since the start of this year’s harvester chip challenge.

But now some students have fallen ill while attempting the challenge. This is causing some Bay Area school districts to issue warnings to parents.

In a statement, the Dublin Unified School District said: ‘We learned of the one-chip challenge trend after several students were sent home due to adverse reactions related to this product. As the District has done in the past, when a challenge on social media encourages activity that could be harmful, we send a letter to our parents regarding the situation and encourage them to have a conversation with their children.

In Walnut Creek, officials said a student got so sick after completing the challenge he gave at school.

Campbell resident Katrina Jones, who has a teenage daughter, said she worries about these types of social media challenges.

“I’m not at all surprised. It’s just another strange thing they do, and it’s another thing parents need to put a stop to this social media influence,” she said.

Anna Voskovoynik, 17, told NBC Bay Area on Saturday that she saw the social media challenge on TikTok but had no desire to try it.

“I don’t think kids should do it. You don’t know the dangers. Throwing up is not a good idea,” she said.

In a statement, Paqui said “we take safety very seriously and have worked hard to ensure our products are correctly and clearly labeled with allergen and safety information.”

The company added that the packaging includes a disclaimer stating that the chip should not be ingested by people with sensitivities to spicy foods or who are underage, pregnant or have medical conditions.

But some California students still ended up in hospital after taking part in the challenge, including three high school students from Lodi.

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