Backman Leaves Virginia Parks Elementary School


Jennifer Backman spent a lot of time holding back tears and giving plenty of hugs on Thursday, her last day as principal at Virginia Parks Elementary School after 13 years.

Backman resigned as principal to become assistant superintendent of student services for the Stanislaus Union School District.

“It’s a very special place,” Backman said. “It’s definitely a bittersweet feeling. It’s like leaving the family.

She said it was difficult to walk away from the many relationships she had established with staff, teachers, parents and students. A bon voyage party was organized in his honor on Friday.

Backman was hired as a manager at the time superintendent. Walt Hanline. She started working for the Ceres Unified School District with a job at Ceres High School and later became Deputy Principal of Central Valley High School. She then worked for the district office.

Clinging to flowers as school went out for the year, Backman was repeatedly cut off for hugs and photos with students. A father, Carlos German, asked his students to pose with her, saying, “But you’re crying, okay?

“She’s awesome,” German said of Backman. “A great chef. My twins started kindergarten here. They go to Mae Hensley (junior high) now. She’s been here the whole time and she’s been just great.

The school’s vice-principal, Holly Gaylor, will become the principal.


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