Atlanta graduation showdown leads to arrest warrant for mother

“We are extremely saddened that the application of our graduation badges and dress code requirements has led to an incident between a parent and an administrator at Drew Charter School,” said school principal Peter McKnight in a written statement.

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The school did not specify what exactly the non-compliant graduate was wearing. A school official said she “was not wearing the appropriate attire for graduation,” according to the police report.

The rule of academic badges covers such things as approved honor cords, medals, caps and dresses. He says students cannot decorate their caps. The dress code specifies requirements such as the type of shoe.

Drew spokeswoman Catherine Woodling said the school delayed graduation for six graduates on Saturday due to various dress code and badge violations. She said every student was allowed to participate in the ceremony, walk across the stage and receive the folder containing the diploma.

Students usually receive their official diplomas after the ceremony. But the six people whose dress did not follow the dress code and formal attire rules were temporarily denied their degrees.

Woodling said those students will receive all of their diplomas by Friday.

“These rules, established in 2017 when Drew Charter School graduated from its first class, were put in place to ensure the safety of our students and to maintain the decorum of the Opening Ceremony. Our students and parents knew that breaking the rules would delay their graduation, ”McKnight wrote.

To help needy students, school officials purchased a dozen pairs of shoes that met the shoe requirements: black, closed, and dressy.

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In Saturday’s incident, Alleyne allegedly yelled at school officials and punched Tameka Allen, Drew’s dean of students, according to a police report.

The altercation was caught on camera from the school. Allen suffered “a small bruise on his forehead” and refused medical treatment, the report said.

Alleyne told police she was not physically aggressive and said officials “were picking on her daughter and she had had enough,” the report said.

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