Adelaide gets an upgrade in Microsoft Flight Simulator

Finally, the update the whole world has been waiting for: Adelaide gets a facelift in Microsoft Flight Simulator thanks to an independent developer.

Microsoft Simulator was a smash hit last year in part thanks to its entire earth scale map that players could navigate on their planes.

The developer boasted of a photo-realistic representation of every building and land, built from satellite and aerial photographs into a map for the game using artificial intelligence.

But this approach left something to be desired when it came to specific details. Areas often included bugs such as massive Melbourne monoliths or sometimes lacked real attention to detail.

That’s why Studio Orbx is continuing its custom updates in places like Singapore, London, Paris, and Sydney by releasing a City Pack for Adelaide for the game.

“Adelaide is known for its scenic coastline, diverse architecture, murals, and rich natural surroundings, and the Orbx City Pack brings this character-packed city to life for Microsoft Flight Simulator,” read the website. society.

According to the company, the city’s pack includes nearly 100 square kilometers of ortho-imagery – that is, photographs taken from an airplane – of the location which is certainly in the seven major capitals of this author.

Orbx’s website speaks lyrically about the many Adelaide landmarks you know and love, perhaps.

“Take a trip to famous wine regions and soak up all the beauty of the Barossa Valley and picturesque McLaren Vale during the day. As the sun sets, watch the nighttime lighting fill the metropolitan areas that stretch along the scenic coastlines. Escape the hustle and bustle of the city and soar over the scenic coastline of the Gulf of St. Vincent at low altitude, ”the website said.

The pack includes over 90 iconic buildings and structures custom-built in the region.

Available in the Orbx store for just $ 13, it’s a steal for the dozen of Adelaide fans!

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