A Utah school district says, “Enough! “

SANDY, Utah, December 14, 2021 / PRNewswire / – In a 4-to-3 vote, the Canyons School District permanently suspended the controversial Second Stage Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) program from use at their K-8 schools. The program was previously suspended in September after it was revealed that the program contained age-inappropriate sexual content that violated Utah sex education laws.

Lisa Logana concerned parent who led the effort, spent over 30 hours in the district office with another parent, Stacie claytonthrough the 8e curriculum and they released a report detailing their findings. The report shows that Second Step touts “power and privilege,” which are tenets of critical race theory, as one of the top three bullying factors. He also teaches children how to be social justice activists and directs children to sexual subjects that violate state law. “Parents don’t know that concepts like Critical Race Theory and Comprehensive Sexuality Education are taught under the guise of social and emotional learning programs like Second Step,” Logan said, “and that has to change. “

Social and emotional learning is a recent fad in education, with districts across the country quickly adopting a curriculum like Second Step, which itself reaches 20.5 million K-8 students each year. year. Social and emotional learning is supposed to teach students skills such as self-regulation, self-management and empathy, but the definition of social and emotional learning was surreptitiously changed in 2020 to be Transformative social and emotional learning. This approach shifts the focus of social and social learning towards an ‘equity’ lens with the notion that ‘racial oppression was at the root of the establishment of United States. ”

“Any SEL program implemented by the district should be politically and ideologically neutral, says Clayton.“ Children should not be served in socio-emotional learning with a CRT side. ”

Logan says this was a parent-led effort and couldn’t have happened without the support of the 700 other parents and grandparents who signed a petition to end Second Step , as well as those who attended board meetings. and / or make public comments. “It took a few months, but we have achieved our goal of removing this destructive program from our school district. If we can do it, other parent groups can do it. Contact us and we can help you. and the minds of our children, and the future of our country, depend on it. “

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