A squash tournament offers vibrators to the winners

The organizers of a major women’s squash championship have reached “the height of sexism” with this “inconceivable” prize for its winners.

A group of champion squash players called the tournament they won sexist after receiving Durex Pure Fantasy vibrators as their prizes.

The shocking incident took place after Asturias squash championship winner Elisabet Sado Garriga received her award along with runner-up Olaya Fernandez Lence.

Marina Arraiza Mier, third, and Cristina Barandica Fernandez, fourth, also received gifts.

Prizes for the four included a vibrator, a hair removal set, and an electronic scrub for their feet.

The vibrator is sold as an “elegant personal stimulator designed to give you sensual pleasure”.

The winners reportedly filed a complaint with the country’s squash federation for sexism and discrimination.

The local radio show “Ganamos Con Ellas” (“We win with women”) posted a photo of the awards, describing them as “degrading, shocking, harmful, inconceivable but unfortunately real”.

He added that the organizers had “exceeded all limits”.

Club Squash Oviedo, which hosted the tournament, issued a statement saying they regretted that the players “felt aggrieved by the prizes”.

They apologized for the incident, adding: “At no time was this done from a sexist point of view.”

The squash club at the center of the scandal has also decided not to hold any more events this year.

The Royal Spanish Squash Federation forwarded the complaint to the Asturian Women’s Institute for investigation.

Three people involved in the organization of the tournament have reportedly resigned.

Squash federation spokeswoman Maribel Toyos said they were only responsible for providing the trophies, not the prizes, adding that what had happened was “shameful”.

She added: “This is the height of sexism. We did not know that the women were going to receive these gifts.

“It makes no sense for the club to apologize but at the same time say that the giveaways are not sexist.”

This article was originally published by The sun and reproduced with permission

Originally published as Female squash stars stunned by ‘degrading’ price pack

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