25 black photographers on what motivates their work

“My work examines cultural, social and personal experiences while redefining themes of heritage, love and work within the black community. My practice borrows from visual traditions ranging from photography to figurative portraiture, in through photographic documentation and editorial design. I am visually inspired by the materiality of black culture and its expression through music, fashion and family history. It is important to tell stories about my community, which has historically been left out. —Myesha Evon

Evon is based in Brooklyn. E-mail [email protected] to purchase prints.

Naïma Green

Naïma Green / @naimagreen

“I’m thinking about building the Pur · follows archives and how to care for and preserve queer stories. Pure Suit currently exists as a playing card game featuring 54 unique photographs of queer, trans, non-binary, and gender non-conforming women. The work is developing at this current moment through additional portraits, interviews and a collection of ephemera. —Green naïma

Green is based in Brooklyn and currently sells the existing Pur·Costume archive on her website. She also sells a print through Photos of FFS (100% of proceeds will go to the Black Lives Movement) and a poster printed through TRNK (100% of the proceeds will go to the Ali Forney Center).

Wayne Francois

Wayne Francois / @waynefrancis__

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